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AC Repair from storm damage

How Severe Weather Can Lead to an AC Repair

Your air conditioner was built to handle the crazy Midlothian weather, but every now and then severe weather can lead to a need for AC repair. Daniel's Heating & Refrigeration Corp. can help.

woman with allergies

How Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Allergies

Our homes are dirtied by a collection of irritants and outdoor allergens. So, what can you do about your interior air quality? Search no further than your HVAC system.

woman wondering why her air conditioner freezes in the summer

Why Does Your Air Conditioner Freeze in Summer?

At the time your air conditioner freezes, it’s the evaporator coil that’s frozen– the part that transports heat out of your space to keep it cool. Find out why that happens.

man cooling off with a fan

How to Find and Fix Hot and Cold Spots

It’s not unusual for homeowners to deal with hot and cold spots in their homes. The good news is it’s a simple fix with the help of Daniel's Heating & Refrigeration Corp..

Improve your home comfort with Daniel's Heating & Refrigeration Corp.

What is an Air Handler and What Does It Do?

Do you know what an air handler is? Could one enhance your home comfort? Discover more about air handlers and what they add to your system from the experts at Daniel's Heating & Refrigeration Corp..